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Getting Out of Debt

Getting Out of Debt

In debt too deep is always a problem.  The solution?  Some will say, “Just save more and pay it off”.  

Stop it.   Yes, that sounds good.  But for most people, it’s not that easy.  

Many people who are in debt needed to go there.  And the situations that got them there are active.  That means simply “saving and payin” is not a real option.

Do these things sound familiar:

  • A big medical bill popped up 
  • Divorce, job troubles and life changes rocked your world
  • Expensive car or home repairs took your savings
  • You made the minimum credit card payments 

…and now you’re in over your head.

If you have bad credit or a low credit score, the problem is even worse.  Even if someone lends a hand, it is likely to be attached to higher interest rates, sometimes almost criminally high.  

Are we talking about you?  Then, you should strongly consider Debt Consolidation.  

A debt consolidation loan can roll at least some of your current debt into one loan (if you think you won’t qualify, let us try!).  

Here’s how debt consolidation can help you get out of debt.

  1. Make one payment per month.  No more decisions of who gets paid and who doesn’t.  Paying one monthly payment can keep you on track every month.
  2. Lower interest rates make a big  difference.  HIgher interest rates cost more money, and that’s not how you get out of debt.  Check out the current loan rates at the Ashland Community Credit Union to compare..  
  3. Pay people off.  Take charge of the situation, and make good decisions based on your goals, not those of the debt collectors on the phone.
  4. More cash flow.  A debt consolidation loan, stretched out over up to five years, can help you pay off your debt faster with less out of pocket each month.  

Even if you have a lower credit score, look into Debt Consolidation.  Find a lending institution that understands, like we do at the Ashland Community Credit Union.  A lender who gets that you are a person, and not just a credit score.  

Think you won’t qualify, let us try!  At the Ashland Community Credit Union, we want to give you a loan unless you can talk us out of it.  


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