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Honesty is the Only Policy

Here is the Truth

There is a lot of confusion in the world, and most of it comes from folks telling you something that just isn’t true.  People, organizations and businesses have agendas, and they’ll do anything to get you to see it their way.
At the Ashland Community Credit Union, we recognize facts, and we don’t apologize for it.   


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What We Stand For

Things We Believe are True: 


United We Stand

There is one national anthem, and one national flag.  We stand for both!

We ALL Matter

We don’t judge anyone’s book by the cover or their color.  We are all equal and we all matter. 

Bad Things can Happen to Good People

Sometimes we hit a bad patch, and that’s when we need a hand up.  Good people with low credit scores are always welcome here.

Men are men and women are women

There are bathrooms and sports leagues made for each. 

Interest Rates are Usually Lower Here

We set our own rates, and we make what we need to make to keep the doors open. 

Auto loan rates are as low as 5.46% APR  if you qualify,  now through July 2024

Debt Consolidation loan rates are as low as 10.22% APR  if you qualify, now through July  2024

Certain Restrictions apply.  Think you won’t qualify?  Let us try

Contact us here to learn more

Guns are welcome here

If you need to use them, we’re glad you have them. 

You are welcome here

Even if you don’t agree with our statements of truth, we still love you, and are glad you are part of our community. 

You are always welcome here, no matter what. 

If you live, work, worship or otherwise breath in Ashland County, you can be a member of the Ashland Community Credit Union. 

Bottom line..we aren't afraid to tell the truth. And we aren't afraid to believe in what's right. 

We believe in you. 


That's  the Truth

You see, we aren’t afraid to say these things because we aren’t afraid to be real and open with you. 

You might call us the “Non-Woke Folk”, and that’s ok. 

We will always tell you the truth, no matter what. And we will always fight for what’s right. 

You deserve that, we know you do. 

That’s the truth. 

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Keeping it Real, Keeping It Honest

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