Why ACFCU? - Ashland Community Federal Credit Union



At Ashland Community Federal Credit Union,
you’re not a customer.

You’re one of us.


Ashland Community Federal Credit Union

We're People Helping People

As member and part-owner, you’re one of 3,500, not millions, and we treat you that way.


When your financial life is going well, we help you make the most of your success.

When crisis hits, we work with you to help you keep your essentials, like your home or car, as you get back on track.

Working Together

And we will work with you no matter what your credit score.

That’s the strength of co-ownership: people helping people, not cookie-cutter corporations finding the easy way out.

As a local credit union with 66 years in business and membership in NAFCU and NCUA, we’re trustworthy in our knowledge and experience while serving you and your individual needs.

When life happens–whether good times or bad–you need expertise and understanding.

Live the life you want, with a little help from ACFCU.



1123 Sugarbush Drive
Ashland, Ohio 44805
(419) 289-6211

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