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There's nothing quite like taking your new car out for a spin for the very first time. Ashland Federal Credit Union gets you behind the wheel faster with great auto loan rates and financing options that make sense.   

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Take the High Road with Your Auto Financing

Getting the right financing for your car can get confusing. At ACFU, we navigate you through the paperwork and details and get you the competitive rates you're looking for. Work with people, not automated systems, when it comes to your money. Your best interest is our top priority and we are here to answer any questions you may have along the way.

The Ashland Federal Credit Union Advantage:

  • Honest assessments on your loan options 
  • Educated team ready to assist you
  • Competitive car financing options

Find Your Dream Car Loan Option Today!  

We're Here to Guide You

Don't get bogged down by unrealistic numbers and interest rates. By choosing a larger bank, you could get blindsided with unexpected fees or payments out of your budget. We keep it simple here and lay out a clear plan for your repayment. Get the right answers on how car loans work and what it means for your repayment plan. 

Life is meant to enjoy. Here at Ashland Federal Credit Union, we get you there faster. Call us today to learn about what type of car loan works best for you!

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