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Why Choose ACFCU?

Here at Ashland Community Federal Credit Union, you'll notice the difference from the moment you open your account - with a deposit of only $25! Because our services are specifically built and tailored to our valued Ashland community members, you'll experience customized service and local tellers, representatives, and staff members that will remember you and greet every visit with a smile. We're ready with financial solutions for you - because we consider you not only a cherished member but a neighbor as well!

Competitive Loan Rates ACFCU Ashland OhioThe Competitive Rates You Want

Whether it's our home loan rates or the rate of return on our share accounts, money market accounts, and CDs, you simply get more for your money when you choose to bank with us. Unlike the "big banks," we don't waste profits on expensive nationwide advertising - we give it right back to our members instead. We know how hard you work for your money, because we live here and shop in your stores, use your services and see our local economy in action every day. We give back by delivering superior customer service and an excellent person-first banking experience that you won't find inside the doors of big chain banks.

Membership Benefits ACFCU Ashland OhioThe Membership Benefits You Need

From our initial charter in 1951, we've been providing a range of valuable benefits to our member base, currently at 3,500 members and growing every day. In addition to traditional financial products like checking and savings accounts, we also offer savings clubs - like our popular Christmas Club - that allows members to save for important events and holidays, IRAs, Home Loans and Certificates of Deposit. Beyond your balances, you'll also enjoy perks such as discounted amusement park tickets and notary services.

At ACFCU, you'll always receive superior banking service that feels just like home - because we live here too! Contact us at 419-289-6211 or stop by 1123 Sugarbush Drive in Ashland during business hours to open an account with as little as $25 today!

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Board of Directors:

  Mark Holsinger
Vice President
  Robin Larue-Beasley
  Edna Cox
  Dan O’Connell
Board member
 Ronald Atkinson
Board Member
Sharon Paullin
Board Member 

Staff Members:

  Dan O’Connell
  Bobbie Chokenea
Loan Officer
  Jade Behrendsen
  Ashley Piatt
  Carol Kitts